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About the bulletproof helmets

About the bulletproof helmets

Today's bulletproof helmets have become an essential part of the security equipment of some police agencies and the military. Its function is not only limited to the military, any organization or even individuals who need security protection can be equipped with ballistic helmets according to their needs. For example, special police forces, riot police, and even patrol officers can be equipped with ballistic helmets.

Ballistic helmets have different levels of protection, which are usually tested according to the standards of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).NIJ protection levels are rated according to the level of bullets they can resist. Generally speaking, Level III and IV can defend against ordinary rifle bullets; NIJ Levels I through III can resist various handgun bullets.

From a structural point of view, bulletproof helmets can be divided into PASGT, FAST and MICH, which are mainly classified according to their height. PASGT stands for Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops, which usually has 19 separate layers of bullet protection and is designed to partially cover the wearer's ears in its form. MICH stands for The Modular Integrated Communications, which is usually made of Kevlar and has IIIA level defense capabilities. MICH helmets are specifically designed to withstand 9mm and 44 MAG rounds as well as blunt force attacks. It provides additional space in the wearer's ear for the use of communications equipment with it. The original design included a cap brim and a lower ear cut. The FAST (The Ops-Core Future Assault Shell Technology) helmet, also known as the fast combat helmet, has the highest ear cut of the three helmet types and is usually worn by Special Forces.

Having said that, many people think that bulletproof helmets are only used for bulletproof, in fact, in addition to a certain degree of bulletproof function, its main role is to resist the impact of broken pieces and other objects. For law enforcement and security personnel this is very important. In particular, police and security departments have a higher chance of encountering impact weapons, projectiles and other head impact hazards. Therefore, for ballistic helmets, their ballistic resistance and impact resistance are equally important.

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