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About Us

We BulletproofCenter.com made it easy for our worldwide customers to purchase bulletproof products which are high quality and also affordable. Although there are still ideological contradictions and differences in the international community, we still firmly believe that they are temporary. Good products will always be recognized by customers. Therefore, we synchronize the extremely stringent product quality requirements with our cooperative manufacturers, whether they are in Japan, China, Vietnam, or the Philippines.



Our ballistic helmets are the trusted brand for police departments, civilians, and active-duty military around the world.We have been providing protective gear for South Asia and the Middle East since 2012. We are committed to providing customers with affordable and quality ballistic helmets.


Quality and safety always come first when it comes to the purchase of a military helmet. Our helmets are designed to fit tight budgets without sacrificing any safety or quality. Previous experience has taught us that every user has their individual specific needs for tactical helmets, so we've designed a helmet that is compatible almost across the board with products of other manufacturers.

Our most popular helmet is the FAST ballistic helmet, which is a bulletproof helmet designed to provide protection in various situations, including training and combat. Made from aramid(also means: Kevlar), available in both above the ear and high cut design, it is a lightweight, affordable helmet for members of the armed forces, police officers, and private security contractors.


Become the world's leading trader in security protection industry.


Our customer service teams are located in both U.S. and China. So we can provide 24/7 online service for our worldwide customers.

Email: service@bulletproofcenter.com (Reply within 24 Hours)

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